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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Palestinian scholars: Helping enemies is a departure from Islam

GAZA, (PIC)-- The league of Palestinian scholars stated Wednesday that cooperating with enemies and taking them as friends or allies against Muslims is a major sin and a departure from the circle of Islam.

In a written statement, the league cited a number of Quranic and prophetic texts that clearly and without ambiguity state the religious view towards those who collaborate with or spy for enemies against Muslims.

The religious texts in Islam, according to the statement, highlight that the collaborators with enemies are considered non-Muslim, so when they die, they do not receive the burial rituals of Muslims or get buried in Muslim cemeteries.

The statement also stressed the need to fight collaborators with enemies in order to protect the Muslim societies from their evil acts and betrayal.

The statement explained that spying for enemies leads to the killing of innocent people, unveils the secrets of the resistance and make it vulnerable.

The league hailed the Palestinian ministry of interior for initiating a national campaign to fight espionage and opening the door of repentance for those who are involved in intelligence activities for the Israeli occupation.

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