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Thursday, May 27, 2010

German school administration dismisses teacher for wearing Hijab

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, - The German Schmidt school administration in occupied Jerusalem prevented a Palestinian female teacher from entering the school because of wearing a Hijab (a head cover worn by Muslim women).

The school administration’s decision was considered the first racist step of its kind in Jerusalem and strongly condemned by the parents of students who staged a sit-in in protest at dismissing teacher Nadra Al-Nimri, who worked at the school for 27 years, and banning her entry.

For her part, Nimri said that last Saturday, she decided to wear a Hijab, and when she entered the school, she received a warm welcome from her students and colleagues, but the principal got furious and asked her to leave the school immediately.

The teacher was given two choices either to remove her Hijab and stay in school or to refuse and never come back, but she said she would never give up wearing the Hijab even if she was given the world’s money and gold.

The Schmidt school administration forces teachers and parents of students to sign a written pledge not to wear any Hijab on the campus and every girl or woman has to take off her headscarf before entering the school yard.

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