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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Water level at Chashma drops to dead level

ISLAMABAD, Mar 16 : The water level at Chashma Barrage has dropped to dead level due to shortage of water upstream, IRSA sources said Tuesday.
The water levels at two major water reservoirs of Tarbela and Mangla have already dropped to dead level, reducing the power generation from the two dams substantially.
According to IRSA sources, inflow of water at Chashma Barrage is 33,853 cusecs while outflow is 42,655 cusecs.
At Head Marala, inflow of water is 9,156 cusecs while outflow is 1,056 cusecs.
IRSA sources added that due to shortage, discharge of water from Tarbela Dam was curtailed by 9,400 cusecs. Water level at Tarbela is 1,378 feet and outflow is 21,600 cusecs.
Level of water in Mangla Dam is 1,040 feet.
Experts believe that the water shortage is temporary, which will improve in next few days with change in the weather. Water situation in the major rivers is expected to improve with the rise in mercury and there will be sufficient water for coming Kharif season.

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