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Friday, January 8, 2010

US to continue drone attacks in FATA: John McCain

ISLAMABAD, Jan 08 : Former US Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain has said that though Pakistan has concerns over the US drone attacks in Pakistani territory, the US would continue targeting terrorists and their hideouts in the tribal areas.

Addressing a joint press conference with other US senators John Barrasso, John Thune and Lieberman here on Friday, McCain said that US cannot stop drone attacks against terrorist however it would consult Pakistani government prior taking any action in its territory.

He said that friends don’t always agree on every issue but we certainly are in agreement on a common goal and we also face a common enemy – the enemy of radical Islamic extremism that wants to destroy everything that we stand for and believe in free and democratic societies.

He said that stable Afghanistan is in the larger interest of Pakistani nation and also symbol of success for the US which has struggled a lot for it.

The US senator said that terrorist’s attacks at public places, mosques and killing of innocent people is infect their defeat as it stresses the people to unite against terrorism.

McCain said that he was present here along with his other companions to express solidarity and sympathize with those who lost their properties and beloved ones in the terror acts. INP

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