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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NIC of 90,000 Afghan nationals cancelled by NADRA

ISLAMABAD, April 19 : Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that no institution can be called as corruption free but the performance of National Database Registration Authority(NADRA) has been exemplary which played a key in identification of terrorists and cancelled 90,000 NICs issued to Afghan nationals.

Replying to points of order in the National Assembly Tuesday the Interior Minister said allegations leveled by the leader of the opposition against NADRA were not based on facts.

He said over the past few years the Authority excelled in its performance as compared to other departments. He said the other day leader of the opposition described certain officials of NADRA as "cronies of the President" which he said was an unparliamentary word and must be expunged from the proceedings of the August House. He said the President is symbol of the Federation and be given due respect.

The Interior Minister said though he would not outrightly deny the corruption but pointed out that whenever and wherever t was found, action was immediately taken. He said250 employees have been charged with corrupt practices. He justified the NADRA objections over change of address but also emphasised it is a legal process and it is the constitutional right of every Pakistani to stay anywhere in the country and he has the right to get his address changed at the NIC.

He referred to concern expressed by some members about kidnapping for ransom in Southern Punjab and areas near Balochistan and said he would raise the issue with Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on his return from China and ensure increase in Police and Rangers patrol.

About delay in the issuance of passport, the Interior Minister said new machines have been imported and the backlog would be cleared the next three weeks.

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