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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 women die of Hepatitis-C and Gastroenteritis in Rahimyar Khan

RAHIMYAR KHAN, April 19 : Three women died of epidemics caused by polluted water and poor hygienic conditions in different localities of the city.

Different areas of Rahimyar Khan are in the grip of epidemics caused by poor hygienic conditions and polluted water besides non availability of medical facilities.

Lal Khatoon, a resident Thal Hamza locality and suffering from Hepatitis-C expired in Sheikh Zaid Hospital during treatment.

In Baghdad Colony area, Sharm Mai, 50, died of Gastroenteritis. Another woman of Aslam Town identified as Ghulam Fatima died of Hepatitis-C during treatment.

Meanwhile, according to hospital sources more than 10 new patients of Hepatitis-C and Gastroenteritis hailing from different areas of the district were brought for treatments in the hospital and they were hospitalized.

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