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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lord Nizar writes to British PM for sending back Musharrf to Pakistan

LONDON, April 07 : Permanent member of British house of lord, Lord Nizar Ahmed has written a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to send back former military dictator President Pervez Musharrf to Pakistan.

According to sources, Lord Nizar Ahmed said in the letter that former President Pervez Musharrf was wanted by Anti Terrorism Court of Rawalpind in Benazir Bhutto assassination case.

He said that the court had issued warrants of arrest for Pervez Musharrf, FIA sent warrant notice to British authorities for handing him over and it had also sought help of Interpol in this regard.

Lord Nazir urged the British Prime Minister that in the best interest of British nation, asylum of Pervez Musharrf which was given by former british Prime Minister Tony Blair should be revoked.

He also urged that British government should respect Pakistani court and aspirations of people and hand over Musharrf to Pakistan so that he (Musharraf) appears in cases instituted against him in the courts.

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