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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eight power generating units shut down at Tarbela, generation goes down to > 540MW >

PESHAWAR, April 9 : Power output from Tarbela Dam has plunged down to its lowest level of 540 megawatt, following water in the largest reservoirs of the country receded to dead level.

Wapda sources said that the water reserve in Tarbela Dam has depleted to dead level, as it now stands at 1378 feet, while whatever water flows in, now outflows, leaving no usable water in the Dam.

Wapda sources said that the water reaching dead level in the Dam has brought down the power generation to 540 megawatt as against capacity of the Dam at 3478 megawatt and eight power generating units have been shut down..

Sources said that the Tarbela power output reaching the lowest level would further exacerbate the load shedding menace all across the country

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