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Friday, April 15, 2011

Asma Jehangir takes serious note of threats hurled to Barrister Kamal Asfar

ISLAMABAD, April 15 : Asma Jahangir, President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, has expressed grave concern and taken serious note of the threats made to Barrister Kamal Asfar.

In a statement issued on Friday she warned that the bar will not tolerate any act of intimidation to its member by the government or its cronies. Mr. Kamal Asfar is not known for any theatrics.

He is a senior advocate who discharged his professional duties while engaged in the NRO case. As a professional lawyer he is bound by professional ethics and any attempt to pressurize or threaten a lawyer in the discharge of his responsibilities is totally unacceptable.

The SCBAP particularly deplores that the wife of a worthy lawyer was approached to harass the family. Asma Jahangir expects that the President and the Prime Minister will take notice of this scandalous incident and reign in their political spin masters as well as tender an apology to Mr.
Kamal Asfar.

At the same time the SC
BAP will closely watch the investigation and stand by any colleague who receives any from of threat form any quarters.

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