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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two die of heat attack after Pakistan's defeat

PESHAWAR/SIALKOT, March 31 : Two persons died of heart attack on Wednesday night when the Pakistan cricket team suffered defeat at the hands of Indian in the World Cup semi-final match in Mohali.

Source said that a 65-years-old person, resident of Rasheed Town Peshawar, died of heart attack and another person, resident of Sialkot, also died of a heart attack after Pakistan's defeat. The cricket fans in various other cities also showed their aggression after Pakistan's defeat.

The whole nation which was really excited for this mega-event, simply got disappointed upon Pakistan's defeat.

The people of Pakistan and India were really enthusiastic and were expecting a lot from this big match. But as the Pakistani team steered towards defeat, disappointment spread among all the cricket supporters of Pakistan.

Live screens of this mega-event were also organised in major cities to entertain the cricket enthusiasts. But with Pakistan's defeat, the cricket fans watching live screening, returned to their homes during the last overs of the match.

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