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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Minor girl dies in Benazir Hospital as doctors continue strike

LAHORE/RAWALPINDI, March 31 : The young doctors continued their strike on Thursday in Punjab due to which a minor girl, who was an asthma patient, lost her life at Benazir Hospital, Rawalpindi.

According to details, Punjab Young Doctors Association has been observing protest for increase in their salaries since March 01. The protest turned violent when doctors closed emergency, ICU wards and OPD in all hospitals of across Punjab including Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Rahimyar Khan and Rawalpindi.

A minor girl named Sana was brought in critical condition to Benazir Bhutto Hospital Murree Road Rawalpindi for treatment on late Wednesday night but the emergency and OPD wards were closed in the hospital and doctors were on strike.

The family of the minor girl stayed at the hospital till Thursday morning in the hope that she will get treatment but no doctor came for treatment due to which the girl lost her life.

The victim family staged protest against doctors in the hospital and demanded the government to take strict action against doctors. Hundreds of other patients suffered and faced trouble in the hospital across Punjab due to continued strike of doctors for increase in salaries. Routine duty in several teaching hospitals of the province, including those in Lahore remained suspend due to the strike. The YDA said the strike will continue till fulfillment of their demands.

A large numbers of people in Rahimyar Khan staged protests in various hospitals against the doctors' strike. The protesters took out rally outside the hospitals and blocked the road. They demanded of the government to take action against doctors.

Meanwhile, Punjab government spokesmen Perviaz Rashid told to a private TV channel that doctors would be responsible if any patient died due to their strike. He said that doctors are respectable people, therefore they should continue treatment to patients.

He said that salaries of young doctors would be increased in upcoming budget in June, adding that Punjab government directed the senior doctors to ensure medical treatment. The Punjab government also cancelled the holidays of doctors.

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