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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jet bomb plotter gets 30 years jail

LONDON, March 19 : A former British Airways computer expert was yesterday jailed for 30 years for plotting to blow up a passenger jet.

Terrorist "sleeper" Rajib Karim - who pretended to be an unassuming software engineer - was at the centre of a conspiracy to commit a Lockerbie-style atrocity.

He put himself "at the disposal" of al-Qaeda warlord Anwar al-Awlaki, who urged him to sneak a bomb on a US-bound jet.

Middle East-based al-Awlaki wanted to commit a spectacular attack to rival 9/11 and kill hundreds of innocent victims.

Dad-of-two Karim, 31, communicated with him via secret computer messages that were so cleverly disguised it took police nine months to unravel them.

The messages - hidden in spreadsheets and packed with code words and false names - were described by cops as the "most sophisticated decryption and encryption ever uncovered in international terrorism".

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