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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Citizens stage protest against killing of a motorcyclist by armed gang

HYDERABAD, March 16 : Unidentified armed men shot dead a youngster upon resisting an attempt to snatch his motorcycle here on Wednesday.

According to police three armed motorcyclists tried to snatch motorcycle from Shahid Mughal 25, in Aafandi Town of Hyderabad district.

Upon resistance, armed men shot dead Shahid Mughal and fled away along with snatched motorcycle.

Meanwhile relatives of the deceased and dwellers of Aafandi Town held protest demonstration against the police authorities for their failure to give protection to public lives and property. They blocked the main highway by putting hurdles, burning tyres and pelting stones and breaking wind screens of various vehicles.

The enraged citizens said that police was hand in glove with the criminals and providing them protection and on the other hand unarmed civilians were suffering. They pointed out that a number of people were killed and injured during streets crimes and motorcycles snatching incidents during last one week.

They demanded the high ups in provincial government to take notice of the lawlessness and to give protection to public lives and property.

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