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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kazmi calls on President Zardari, informs him details about alleged Hajj corruption charges

ISLAMABAD, Dec 07: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sahibzada Hamid SaeedAsif Ali Zardari here on Tuesday. During the meeting, they discussed different matters of mutual interests and alleged corruption charges in the occasion of Hajj.

Well placed sources told INP that during the meeting, the Minister for Religious Affairs remained firm on the stance that he had nothing to do with the corruption allegations during the Hajj. He informed the President that a specific lobby is fanning propaganda against him, and added that allegations of Hajj corruption are being probed under the directives of Prime Minister Gilani.

Hamid Saeed Kazmi assured the President that any officer of the Ministry for Religious Affairs would be taken to task if found guilty in the alleged Hajj corruption charges.

During the meeting, President Zardari said that he had taken a strict notice of the complaints that he received regarding the allegation of corruption during the Hajj.

The President vowed that the government would not spare those who committed excess with the Hajis during the Hajj season and would be dealt with iron hands.
Kazmi called on President

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