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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Important Indian army documents about Kargil war destroyed

NEW DELHI, Dec 25 : Twelve years after the Kargil war, shocking details of important documents being destroyed by the Indian army have surfaced. The army has admitted that 18 papers containing important communications, which could uncover the Kargil war truth, have gone missing.

In an affidavit by Major Harpal Singh given to the Armed Forces Tribunal, he admits to the important documents being destroyed. The affidavit states, "It is submitted that the said letter is not available with the headquarters 121 (Independent) Infantry Brigade Group (Originator) and Headquarters 3 Infantry Division (addressee) as the same was destroyed by burning by a Board of Officers."

Crucial letters that reveal that the army was alerted of an enemy buildup at Kargil months before the war were destroyed.

The army affidavit came in reply to a petition by Brigadier Singh challenging charges of dereliction of duty. He had claimed that he alerted forces between December 1998 & 14 January, 1999.

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