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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

150 suspected TTP members held

KARACHI, Dec 07 : Rangers have arrested more than 150 suspects belonging to Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) including three Taliban commanders and recovered huge cache of arms and explosives from their possession during search operation in Mangoo Peer area of Karachi on

According to details Sindh Rangers assisted by city police initiated search operation in Mango Peer and surrounding localities on early Tuesday.

During door to door search operation at least 150 suspects stated to be hailing from Northern and Southern Wazirsitan Agency were arrested during the search operation.

Three key TTP commanders identified as Saddique Mehsood, Raheel Mehsood and Guddey Mehsood were also among the detainees.

Ranger's sources said that huge cache of arms and explosives have been recovered from three detained culprits who arrived in the Mangoo Peer from Waziristan Agency a day earlier.

Heavy contingent of police and rangers with more than 60 mobiles and patrol motorcycles took part in the search operation.

Prior launching search operation Rangers and police sealed all the routes leading to and from Mangoo Peer and adjoining areas.

The police and rangers personnel during door to door search operation checked the NICs and other documents of the residents of Mango Peer and adjoining areas including Kawari Colony and Marble Town.

The injured tribesmen belonging to SWA was also among the detainees who have arrived in Karachi for medical treatment. However it has not been confirmed that how and where these people were injured.

Sources said that search operation was launched after the reports of Central Investigation Department (CID) and other sensitive agencies. According to reports extremists were preparing them to carryout terror attacks at Muharram processions in different parts of the city during holy month of Muharram ul Harram

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