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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Preparations for Ramazan gathering momentum

ISLAMABAD, July 27 (APP): The residents of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have started preparations for the Holy month of Ramazan.Right now, the business community is in the forefront of these preparations as they are decorating their shops and stocking them with different kinds of items required in Ramazan.Talking to APP, Shabbir Shah a shopkeeper, said that Ramazan is the month which gives them an opportunity to sell more items people need for their daily use.

The tailoring business is already picking up as more and more people head toward stitching shops to place orders for new clothes for Eid and even for Ramzan.

Rashid Khan, a tailor master at Karachi Company, said that wise people are hurrying to approach tailors for new clothes now so as to avoid later rush.

He said that even now he was working 14 hours a day with workload likely to increase in the lead-up to Ramazan and Eid.

Fruit and Vegetable vendors are also looking for suitable places to install their stalls on different points to have a lucrative Ramazan sale.

As if not to be left behind, the vendors of “Pakora” and “Samosa” are in a state of excitement as these two items are essential ingredients of “Iftari” items.

The residents talking to APP said that the concerned authorities should ensure the availability of edible items in good quantity and quality.

They said that most of the shopkeepers fleece people during Ramazan and the authorities must make proper strategy to monitor the announced concession rates by the government.

The residents also appreciated the authorities concerned for opening Sasta Bazars in different areas of the capital city.

They were of the view that Sasta bazaars provide discount rates which help them to maintain their budget.

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