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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PN busy in relief & rehabilitation of cyclone affectees

ISLAMABAD, June 09 : Pakistan Navy under Operation MADAD continued its all out support to effected populace of Makran Coast and Creeks area by conducting well coordinated relief operations. Close coordination with other Government agencies, NGOs and civil administration is being maintained to ensure a coordinated response.

PNS KHAIBAR, ZULFIQUAR and SHAHJAHAN disembarked relief goods, medicines and additional SSG(N)/Pak Marines personnel at Gwadar on 8 Jun. Additionally MSS VEHDAT with embarked relief goods collected from MSA units, COMCOAST and civil traders left Wednesday for Gwadar.

PN Seaking and Alouette helicopters ferried medical teams and relief goods from Gwadar to Jiwani and Passu Village on 8 Jun. Additionally, two Alouettes are being used from PNS AHSAN and MAKRAN to augment SAR/relief efforts. Three PN Fokkers sorties were conducted on 8 Jun for transportation of relief goods, additional relief teams and transportation of patients from Pasni and Gwadar.

The Rescue / Relief Camps at Baghan and Jangu Jalbani are rendering assistance including food, drinking water and medical help to the displaced people. Additionally, relief camps are operating at Mirpur Sakro and dry rations are being distributed amongst the effectees.

PN Hovercraft, Military Assault Boats and Helicopters are being continuously used to evacuate stranded people on isolated islands in the Creeks. Six SSG(N) teams continued rescue/relief operations at Kolanch, Hub/Gadani area and one team at Gharo.

PN SSG(N) disaster relief teams at Gwadar hired local wooden boat to transport relief goods for affectees of Pishukan village. In addition de-flooding from 8 different locations of Gwadar is also being undertaken.

Extensive salvage efforts are in hand by PN teams at Gwadar in close co-ordination with MSA and 3 more boats (total 18 now) have been salvaged at Gwadar.

The stranded transport convoy which was provided assistance by PN, which finally reached Gwadar from JNB PM 8 Jun. Two additional medical teams have dispatched to Gwadar AM 9 Jun. Chairman NDMA was briefed on 8 Jun about PN disaster relief efforts at Gwadar.

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