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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hamas report: IOF and Abbas’s militias killed last year 1,090 Palestinians

GAZA, - The Movement of Hamas said Tuesday that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and Mahmoud Abbas’s militias killed during last year a total of 1,090 Palestinians and kidnapped 3,665 others in the context of their security cooperation.

This was published in a report on the violations committed by both Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah during 2009 read by Hamas spokesmen Fawzi Barhoum and Sami Abu Zuhri during a news conference held in Gaza city.

The report explained that the IOF troops killed last year 1,081 Palestinians and kidnapped 1,744 others including 317 children and 19 women.

It added that the unjust Israeli blockade has claimed the lives of 367 Palestinians since it was imposed on the Gaza Strip, including 84 patients who died last year.

The report also revealed that Abbas’s militias in the West Bank, for their part, murdered during the same year nine Palestinians affiliated with Hamas and kidnapped 1,921 others, adding that these militias also helped, during the reporting period, 60 Israelis entered West Bank towns, as Arabized units to carry out special missions, to return to their homes at the pretext that they lost their way and entered Palestinian lands by mistake.

Hamas reiterated in the news conference its support for Goldstone and Falk reports and deplored the PA attempts to undermine them.

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