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Friday, February 26, 2010

Worst democracy better than pleasant dictatorship: Justice Javed Iqbal

ISLAMABAD, Feb 26 : Senior most Judge of the Supreme Court Justice Javed Iqbal has said that the worst form of democracy is much better than pleasant dictatorship in the country.

Addressing Certificates awarding ceremony held here in the Federal Judicial Academy ( FJA) on Friday on the conclusion of one-week training course for Law Officers/Prosecutors hailing from all over Pakistan including AJ&K and Gilgit-Baltistan, said that democratic dispensation is considered to strive for tolerance, respect for Rule of law and social justice, hence, become popular among the masses.

Lamenting over the complication of laws he said that our complicated laws and court procedures become great obstacels in the amdinistration speedy justice to the people.

“Parliament, which is responsive to the public, hence needs to make simple and people-friendly laws so that justice –seekers may have easy access to justice” Justice Javed Iqbal observed.

About the cause for creation of Pakistan he said that this country was created with this cause and concern that there will be justice with all and sundry in all walks of life but it is an irony of fate this aim has not been achieved so far.

He said that ours is an Islamic State and the glorious Book of Islam, The Holy Quran considers justice to be a supreme virtue. It is the greatest of all the duties entrusted to the Holy Prophets and it is the strongest justification for man’s stewardship of earth.’

“It is a basic objective of Islam and there are scores of glorious Surahs such as Surah Baqr, Surah Nisa, and verses in the Holy Quran which advocate the cause of justice and just society. Had we followed the golden tenets of Islam and the judicial system as advocated in the Holy Quran, people would not have been denied justice, people would not have been in search of justice some times whole of their life and sometimes even after their death justice become elusive for them, ” he said.

“Money is, in fact, need of every man but money is not “be-all and end all” in this life. It is mental satisfaction and peace which matter. Here in this world one can purchase every thing by dint of money but what counts in the life hereafter it is one’s piety, character, and contribution what we call “good deeds” and amongst those doing justice is supreme. Hence, do justice with your own self, with your profession and with the society so that when you die you can show your face to your Creator. Remember: all of use have to die one day and every one has to go to his own grave, be afraid of wrath of grave and always remember unfair and foul earnings have horrendous side effects and aftereffects” he advised the trainee law officers of all age groups in the ceremony.

Judge Supreme Court further advised the law officers to make better use of their skills and talents for their honest earnings, livelihood speedy justice to the people.

Speaking about the aims and objects of famous National Judicial Policy (NJP) he said that the prime goal of this policy is to make justice accessible, justice for all, which have been inaccessible for justice seekers since the emergence of this country.

“This collective wisdom (NJP) has started showing its better results, although, it will take sometime to clean the mess and for that purpose collective efforts of all stakeholders are a must to make this policy a success story. Doing justice was not only the job of judges but it is the collective duty and responsibility of all to do justice in all walks of life” Justice Javed Iqbal observed.

Highlighting the importance of Prosecution department in the administration of justice he said that it was ‘sine qua non’ but what matters it is proper understanding of relevant laws and dynamic and people –friendly role of Prosecutors.

Judge of the Apex Court also highlighted the role of media and Supreme Court of Pakistan to become Constitution, law of land and their Fundamental Rights conscious.

Earlier, Director General of the Academy Mr. Pervaiz Ali Chawla presented his welcome speech and an overview of the one week-long training course wherein he thanked all the resource persons from judiciary and other allied departments for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with the course participants. Showing his optimism about the core and content of the course he said that it will go a long way to enhance the information and skills of the participants and they will proved to be agents of visible change in their departments.

In the end, Justice Javed Iqbal gave away certificates to the participants of the course.

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