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Friday, February 26, 2010

Water levels in major dams very low, load-shedding to be increased

RAWALPINDI , Feb 26 : The water levels at two major water reservoirs of the country have drastically dropped which has decreased the hydel power generation by 900 MW.

Water level has reached the dead level cutting short the power generation by 900 megawatts, PEPCO sources said on Friday.

With 10,000 megawatt power generation and 11,500 MW power requirement the gap between power demand and supply has reached to 1500 megawatts, PEPCO sources said the gap can be filled only through load shedding.

Sources said that the load shedding durations will be increased by four hours immediately to cover the power shortfall.

However sources said, the load shedding durations will be gradually decreased with the arrival of water in Mangla Dam.

Meanwhile, sources said water level in Tarbela Dam has also dropped substantially and it has only 20 feet of usable water left.

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