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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three killed in tribal clash in Ghokti

GHOTKI, Feb 25 : Three tribesmen were killed and two others injured in armed clash between Kosh and Solangi tribes near Obarro, Ghokti.

According to police the clash initiated after dozens of armed men of Solangi tribe attacked Mir Kosh village late Wednesday night during which Arbeelo Kosh was killed.

The armed men of Solangi tribe tried to flee however tribesmen of Kosh tribe chased them and both took positions against each other near Obarra.

Both sides used automatic weapons against each other, during which two persons of Solangi tribe identified as Wariam Solangi and Manzoor Solangi were killed while Rajab Kosh and Sahib Kosh belonging to Kosh tribe sustained critical injuries.

It should be mentioned that dozens of people have been killed and scores other injured in armed clashes between the two said

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