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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Humayun Akthar terms increase in gas tariff as ‘Gas Bomb’

ISLAMABAD, : Secretary General of PML Humayun Akhtar Khan Friday came hard over the government for dropping a "Gas Bomb" over the poor and deprived segments of the society by raising the gas tariff, saying that the government was targeting the people living "below poverty line" who were already crushed due to the price hike.

Talking to a group of journalists here at PML House, the PML leader rejected the blanket raise in Gas tariff, saying that the coalition government was persuading "anti-poor and anti-people policies" which would further crush the "have nots" and deprived segments of the society.

"Look, gas is an indigenous source of fuel and there is no import involved in gas production. This raise carries no logic or rationale and only it would hit the poor hard as even domestic consumers have not been spared and a blanket raise has been adopted. I warn the government to reverse the decision or be ready to face the wrath of the people," he added.

Humayun Akhtar Khan said bureaucracy had also advised the PML government back in 2006 to adopt parity in gas and petroleum prices by raising gas prices and lowering petroleum prices. However, he said his party had rejected the proposal, saying that Gas was a cheaper source of energy for the consumption of the poor segments in transport while it was also a cheaper source for domestic use.

"If the government does not reverse this anti-poor gas prices raise, we would launch a comprehensive campaign in the larger public interest," warned the PML leader. INP

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