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Saturday, January 23, 2010

15 militants killed, 22 arrested in Orakzai Agency

ORAKAZAI AGENCY, Jan 23 (INP): The security forces claimed to have killed 15 militants and apprehended 22 others during clashes with extremist in different areas of Orakzai agency on Saturday.

Sources said that during an intense clash between security forces and extremists in Khuey Dad Khel area of Upper Orakzai Agency nine extremist were reported killed while two security forces personnel also sustained injuries.

Meanwhile the security forces detained 22 extremists from the same area and cashes of arms were also recovered from their possession.

The militants attacked a security forces check post situated in Chapri Ferozkhel early Saturday morning partially damaging the check post. However no loss or injury was reported.

In retaliation by the security forces six attackers were killed and six three vehicles of the saboteurs were destroyed. Other militants managed to flee the scene.

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  1. 8 suspected militants have been killed by security forces in Orakzai Agency.
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