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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SHC orders seizure of Uzair Baloch’s assets

KARACHI: A local Karachi Court on Wednesday ordered the seizure of Uzair Baloch and Baba Ladla’s assets after terming them and their entire group as ‘wanted’. The local Court held that the People Aman Committe leader Uzair Baloch and Baba Ladla were both absconders and were wanted with respect to supplying illicit arms supply.

The Lyari illicit arms supply case was heard within the Judicial Magistrate (West) Court.

During the proceedings, the investigation officers notified the Court that a search operation was conducted within the entire Lyari area including Cheel Chowk to find Uzair Baloch, Baba Ladla and their entire group.
The Investigation officers informed the Court that the entire search operation went vain as the absconders were not found, following which the Court ordered the confiscation of their assets further terming them as ‘wanted’.

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