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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post-hajj flights operation starts

ISLAMABAD: A month long post Hajj flights operation is set to start from Tuesday night to bring over 180,000 Pakistani pilgrims from Saudi Arabia after performing the sacred religious ritual of Hajj.

According to an official of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the first flight is scheduled to arrive here from Jeddah on Tuesday night.

In pre hajj flight operation, Pakistani hujjaj were airlifted with the help of a total of 283 flights including 149 of PIA, 80 flights of Shaheen Airline and 54 flights of Saudi Airline.

Expressing satisfaction over the smooth conduct of pre-Hajj flight operation, he hoped that the post-Hajj flight operation would be completed within the prescribed time.

"The successful and timely completion of pre and post-Hajj flights operation will be a big achievement of the ministry," he added.

PIA had airlifted 45,481 pilgrims including 6,639 from Islamabad, 5,633 from Lahore, 6,639 from Karachi, 7,057 from Quetta, 9,049 from Peshawar, 6,958 from Multan, 3,506 from Sialkot.

Saudi Airline had lifted 45,481 pilgrims including 2,660 from Islamabad, 2,660 pilgrims have been airlifted from Lahore, 2,000 from Karachi, 6,000 from Peshawar, 320 from Rahim Yar Khan and 3,010 from Faisalabad, he said.

Shaheen Air had airlifted 20,700 pilgrims including 5,300 each from Islamabad and Lahore, 6,100 from Karachi and 4,000 from Peshawar.

To serve and facilitate Pakistani hujjaj, a contingent of over 625 doctors, paramedics and ancillary staff was deployed in Saudia. One doctor had been deployed to serve every 1000 pilgrims, he said.

As many as 330 Pakistan based Mauveneen-i-Hujjaj (Khuddam) had performed the duties of the welfare of pilgrims. Likewise 900 local Mauveen-e- Hujjaj had been recruited for 40 to 60 days for the welfare and services of the Hujjaj, he said.

And a contingent of 170 seasonal staff from Ministry of Religious Affairs has also been deployed in facilitation desk for the facilitation and guidance of pilgrims.

Yet another 1475 welfare staff including 330 Muaveeneen , 625 hajj medical mission, 350 volunteer Mauvaneen and 170 Seasonal Duty Staff had also served the hujjaj during the hajj days.

In Hajj area, he said 25 Saudi hospitals were provided quality services to the hujjaj, Four hospitals established in Arafat, Four in Mina and seven in Mekkah tul Makarama, he said.

141 healthcare centres had also been set up in the hajj area. The centres provide 5,250 beds including 500 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds and 550 emergency room beds. A total of 20,000 Saudi doctors, paramedics are present to serve the hujjaj in addition to Pakistan hajj mission, he said.

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