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Monday, August 22, 2011

Mirza slams Malik for interfering in Karachi affairs

KARCHI: Sindh Senior Provincial Minister, Zulfikar Mirza lost his temper at Interior Minister Rehman Malik during the Sindh Cabinet meeting telling him to stay in the center and leave Karachi to the provincial setup.

Mirza criticized the Interior Minister over his repeated trips to Karachi asking him to not return to the city for the next fifteen days. In reply Rehman Malik said that he would not come to the city if that’s what Mirza wanted.

The senior provincial minister told Malik that it was the responsibility of the Sindh government to maintain law and order in Karachi and that he should not be interfering in provincial matters.

During the meeting Zulfiqar Mirza also hurled accusations at the MQM and accused the Interior Minister of being a spokesman for the party.

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