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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mirza says he will resign over Lyari operation

KARACHI: Senior PPP leader Dr Zulfiqar Mirza said on Sunday that he would tender resignation from his offices in protest against Rangers operation in Lyari area.

He claimed that he was not taken into confidence by party leadership over the action kicked off in the PPP stronghold which is a hub of criminals and gang war activities.

Mirza is a close aide of President Asif Ali Zardari. He is also PPP’s Central Executive Committee member besides Vice President of the party’s Sindh chapter, and a senior provincial minister. Mirza said he would quit all his offices.

Mirza is likely to address a press conference this evening in Karachi alongwith local PPP office bearers who have also quitted party posts today in protest against the operation.

The operation by law enforcement agencies is underway in various parts of the city in which a large number of suspects are captured and presented before the court.

Also today, the Rangers carried out 8-hour-long operation in Lyari, eliminating two torture cells, arresting dozens of criminals and recovering heavy arms and ammunition from their possession.

However, the operation exposed fragmentation between PPP quarters as the federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik is supporting Rangers action in Karachi while Mirza is of the view that it should not be carried out in PPP areas.

Mirza had lashed out at Malik at the special Sindh cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Gilani a week ago, calling for Malik to be banned from entering the province.

He termed it federal government’s interference in provincial affairs.

On the other hand, PPP MNA from Lyari, Nabeel Gabol, while talking to a private channel today, also gave vent to his reservations, saying that the operation should be carried out in the entire city, not in Lyari alone.

“I can’t tolerate discrimination and atrocities with the people of Lyari,” he said, adding that Mirza would not take any step against party interests.

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