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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Karachi : P3C Orion Aircraft destroyed ,4 Killed in PNS Mehran Attack

News in Urdu

KARACHI: One P3C Orion Aircraft destroyed and 4 Killed in Attack on PNS Mehran Base.Several explosions have been heard in the PNS Mehran on Dalmia Road in Karachi. The force of the blasts have shattered the windows of surrounding buildings, reports said.

Heavy gunfire was also reported after the explosion. An eyewitness said that the blasts took place near PNS Mehran

A large fire and a thick cloud of smoke has also been reported. Police have sealed the area.

“We are trying to check the cause of the blast. I cannot say,” said a senior police official. Another police official said gunfire was also reported from inside the base, Reuters reported.

DINS Media Team

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