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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TTP claims Umer as their bomber, says many suicide bombers training camps running

MIRALI, April 13 : The banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Shakirullah Shakir Mehsud on Wednesday claimed that the detained suicide bomber Umer Fidai was their trained bomber and also confessed that scores of suicide training camps were being run by the TTP in the tribal areas.

Talking to INP from unknown location, the spokesman for Qari Hussain, the master trainer of the suicide bombers, about whom vague reports of his death were run by media, endorsed the statement of Umer Fidai that around 350 suicide bombers were getting training in Mirali. He said the TTP has other several suicide training camps in the bordering areas in which scores of
suicide bombers were getting training.

"A large number of our trained-suicide bombers had been sent on attacking missions to different areas and they will attack their targets on the specified time," the spokesman confirmed.

He said the TTP fighters have engaged the Pakistani army in a fierce battle in the South Waziristan Agency (SWA) from where reports of causalities were not made public by the media due to ban on the Taliban viewpoint imposed by the government.

He claimed that the TTP suicide bombers were know getting high quality training in the training camps and were able to achieve targets efficiently.

Shakirullah Shakir said that the Taliban's fight against Pakistan will continue till the imposition of Islamic law in the country.

A few days back, talking to foreign media, the TTP spokesman Eshanullah Eshan had claimed responsibility for both the attacks -- Sahki Sarwar shrine and DIG house attack in Quetta -- saying that the TTP's attacks will continue in the region until Pakistan did not withdraw its support to the Nato forces in Afghanistan and end cruelty on the Taliban fighters in their

It is pertinent to mentioned here that detained Umer Fidai who was rounded up in Dera Ghazi Khan in injured condition from the shrine where scores of devotees were killed had sought apology from the nation especially from the shrine victims and also asked the under-training suicide bombers to leave the training as their training was un-Islamic.

Sources said that Umer Fidai was admitted to ICU of Nishter Hospital in Multan and is in critical condition.

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