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Monday, April 4, 2011

6th Housing census to kick-starts today

ISLAMABAD, April 04 : Stage is set for the sixth population census beginning on Tuesday and all the arrangements in this regard have been finalized.

The process for the 6th Population and Housing Census would begin with house listing operation from April 5 to 19 which would be followed the main population and housing census in August or September this year.

The Population Census Organization (PCO) has established as many as 145,844 census blocks all across the country to conduct the Population and Housing Census 2011.

Credible sources said that each census block roughly comprises 200 houses and one block would be assigned to one enumerator for conducting census. Overall, 423 census districts have been established, having 3187 census charges sources said adding that there would be 20072 census circles of these charges to effectively conduct the census.

Each census charge in urban areas would include 5 to 7 circles and each census circle would comprise of 5 to 7 blocks while each census block would cover 200 to 250 houses. In rural areas, census charge would include total number of patwar circles, the census circle would comprise of total number of mauzas while the census block would comprise of 200-250 houses.

"Latest technology of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) would be used for timely compilation and processing of census data to enhance speed and accuracy at data capturing stage," they said. Highlighting the importance of the census, the sources said that it is a stock taking of human resources of a country and their living conditions at one point of time. It provides basic data on demographic, social and economic variables about each person and each housing unit.

The census serves as bench mark for all socio-economic development plans, administrative activities, demographic research and projection of population to meet future needs. Talking about the scope of the census, the sources said that the 6th census would cover entire territory of Pakistan and all persons living in the country at the time of census dates would beenumerated. Foreign nationals would also be enumerated except diplomatic
personnel and their families.

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