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Saturday, March 19, 2011

PAF on high alert, a dozen US drones continued flying over NWA on Saturday

ISLAMABAD, March 19 : Pakistan Air Force (PAF) was placed on a high alert on Saturday and was conducting strict vigilance of the country's airspace but about a dozen US drones continued hovering over the North Wazirsitan Agency (NWA) on Saturday searching their targets.

PAF intensified air patrols over the country's northwestern tribal areas after a US drone attack in NWA, considered by the US most dangerous place on the earth, killed over 45 innocent tribesmen who had gathered to settle a dispute.

PAF has also cancelled the holidays of its essential personnel to keep vigil on the country's airspace.

A PAF spokesperson declined to confirm or deny the reports.

Sources in NWA told INP that about eight to twelve US drones were continuously hovering over in NWA on Saturday creating scare and situation of uncertainty among the locals. The locals informed INP that US administration is determined on killing innocent tribals living in the
bordering area of Afghanistan.

"The US drones were flying at very low height in the area than before and the Pakistani government was not initiating any practical step to halt the drones movement over the area," the locals complained, adding that Pakistani leaders were just condemning the drone attacks which was not sufficient.

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