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Thursday, March 10, 2011

PAC expresses dissatisfaction over FBR working

ISLAMABAD, Mar 10 : Special Committee of the Public Accounts Committee has expressed its dissatisfaction over the performance of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and made it clear that not a single penny would be exempted through tax evasion.

The meeting of the Special committee of the PAC here Thursday under the chairmanship of Zahid Hamid took up for consideration the Audit Objections on the accounts of Ministry of Information and FBR.

Director General, Radio Pakistan Murtaza Solangi informed the committee that Radio industry was earning one billion rupees annually and the license fee of Radio was done away in 1999 . He said PBC's FM Stations were doing business while medium wave transmission was running in loss. He said so far Radio Pakistan has suffered a loss of Rs 600 million.

Director General Associated Press of Pakistan that there were Rs 8.5 million payable by various subscribes till 30th June, 2010. Secretary Information said that APP was playing an important role and the institution had been beneficiary for every government by projecting the policies and programmes.

Chairman of the Committee said it is not necessary that APP should always run in loss and it was not understandable that while there were many subscribers, it was still in loss.

PTV officials said that the expenditure of the organization was Rs 54 billion as against income of Rs 55 billion and thus it was earning profit and further steps are being taken for improvement.

The Committee while considering the objections of FBR accounts expressed its dissatisfaction and said in future there would be no exemption as far as cases of tax evasion were concerned. It said nothing was being done in FBR and observed that if it had taken initiatives on the basis of Audit Objections, the department would not have been asked to appear before the PAC.

Acting Chairman pleaded that most of the Audit objections were of the past and majaority of the officers have either retired or died and therefore these would be removed from the list. At this Zahid Hamid said that the Committee would not do so until every penny was recovered.

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