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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Islamabad: ISI does not have authority to make arrests, KK Agha tells SC

ISLAMABAD, March 29: During a hearing of the missing persons’ case on Tuesday, Additional Attorney General KK Agha said the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) did not have the authority to make arrests.

Justice Javed Iqbal in his remarks said no arrests had been made in relation to the targeted killings across Balochistan.

Moreover, Justice Raja Fayyaz said bodies of missing persons were also being recovered.

Justice Fayyaz also objected to the formation of the missing persons’ recovery commission and questioned its rationale when the apex court had itself ordered the registration of cases in this regard.

During the hearing, Additional Attorney General KK Agha said that out of the 10 missing persons’ cases that the inquiry commission was handling, four had been found.

Furthermore, Advocate Hashmat Habib requested the court to demand details of safe houses of intelligence agencies.
One of the safe houses of the agencies is near the judges’ enclosure, Justice Javed Iqbal said, adding that intelligence agencies’ safe houses are guest houses ad not torture chambers.

Justice Iqbal further said that it was due to the efforts of the Supreme Court that at least 137 missing persons had been recovered

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