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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two brothers killed one by hitting mallet on his head

SARGODHA, July 15 : Two real brothers killed their opponent by crushing his head ruthlessly with mallet after a verbal clash which stirred over minor issue of parking of trucks in Bhalwal area on Thursday. Police said that culprits Amjad and Shamraiz had differences with Ijaz Janjuha over trucks parking issue which led to loss of a precious human life. On Wednesday the Amjad and Shamraiz visited Janjuha's office and forced him to vacate the trucks from the parking lot which was affecting their business. The situation turned ugly when Janjuha refused to accept their demand of moving away the trucks, on this both the brothers turned mad and killed Junjua by hitting a mallet on his head and fled away from the scene. Bhalwal police after registering a murderer case have started search of both brothers-at- large.

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