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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Four private armies operational in Balochistan

ISLAMABAD, JULY 27 (APP): Interior Minister Rehman Malik revealed on Tuesday four private armies were operating in Balochistan, responsible for all acts violence in the province including target-killing, attacking government installation and security persons. Talking to reporters at the Senate, the minister named four organizations: BRA, BLF, Lashkar-e-Balochistan and BLA, which were hands in glove with certain foreign elements, and causing blood-shed in Balochistan.

Asked if there was any move to bring these outfits to the table, the minister said what to talk of holding dialogue with these groups whose basis stood on violence and violations.
Rehman Malik claimed sufficient progress had been made to wipe the anti-state and anti-social element out of the Balochistan.

Commenting on talks with his Indian counterpart, Rehman Malik said both sides realized the need for durable peace in the region. “Talks were held on equal footing”, the minister said and reiterated Pakistan would never allow its soil to be misused nor would it allow the terrorists and their networks to flourish.

Later, in the lighter mood, Rehman Malik dispelled the impression as if he described Baloch people as illiterate, saying they (Baloch people) were very talented, educated and honourable.
The minister said he did not mean to say what many of his colleagues in the Senate had presumed during today’s proceedings.

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