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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

13 villages inundated as flash floods hit head Khanki

LAHORE, July 28 (INP): At least 13 villages have been inundated after flash flood coming from Indian Occupied Kashmir hit head Khanki in River Chanab, sources said on Wednesday.

"Hundreds of families have been trapped in the flooded areas, while the rescue teams of Pakistan Army have been sent to the area," official sources said several adjacent villages have been evacuated and people are asked to move to safer places.

Head Khanki administration has opened the flood gates as officials fear more flash floods coming into the river at head Khanki.

Sources said 13 villages including Garhi Gillah, Thatti Baloch, Barj Dhala, Faqeeran, Burj Chima and Burj Thalla Wali near head Khanki have been inundated.

The flooding has also played havoc on standing crops in the area. Sources said wheat and cotton crops have received severe damage in the area.

Officials fear that villages near the area were also under threat as they were expecting more flood water to enter from IHK. Meanwhile, as the floodwater proceeds to Qadirabad villages in low lying areas have been warned about flooding.

The railway track of Rajan Pur has submerged due to flash flood coming from Koh-e-Suleman, while the region has been disconnected from other area after most land routes in the area have also been submerged.

According to the meteorological department, 250,000 cusec water was passing through head Khanki and Qadirabad, adding that there is a chance that water might enter in the low-lying areas of Faisalabad and Mandi Bahaudin.

Met office said that this spill of rains will continue for another two to three days.

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