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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Police officials extort money from Gilgit citizens

GILGIT, May 08 : Police in Gilgit-Baltistan’s capital, Gilgit is reported to be involved in extortion of money from the residents under different pretexts making their lives miserable.

The disclosure was made when Municipal Magisgrate Chiragh Din interrogated the Incharge of central store of Utility Stores Corporation in the city during a visit in the presence of some members of the media on Saturday.

The Magistrate visited the Store on complaints of the sale of substandard toilet soap and other items along with sugar quota among the citizens.

Incharge Mohammad Zaheer told the Magistrate that three members of the District Security Force comprising ASI Imtiaz Hussain, Dost Dar Ali and Jehanzeb, constables during a raid recovered inferior quality toilet soap on Friday, extracted Rs 4,000 from his pocket and did not give any receipt

As the media team was present in the store, Constable Dost Dar entered and staff there identified him and pointed out that he along with other two got the money from them.

On questioning by the media, Dost Dar tried to hush up the matter and did not give a direct response but the staff at the store insisted on their statements.

People in the city have also disclosed that the above named members of the force extract money from the citizens by terrorizing them under different pretexts.

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