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Monday, May 3, 2010

Arson attacks on Palestinian cars, new crime against Palestinians in W. Bank

RAMALLAH, - The settlers in the occupied Palestinian lands started in the last three days a new kind of crimes against the Palestinians in the West Bank represented in waging arson attacks on cars in the presence of Israeli troops.

Palestinian local sources reported last night that a group of Israeli settlers threw an incendiary object inside a car boarded by Palestinians from Jenin city as they were at Atara military checkpoint near Ramallah.

They added that the vehicle was completely destroyed and the passengers were transferred to hospital.

A similar attack happened on Saturday morning when Israeli settlers threw molotov cocktails at Palestinian cars traveling on a main road between Ramallah and Nablus near Atara checkpoint which led to the burning of a Palestinian truck carrying furniture.

Another truck carrying goods last Thursday was completely destroyed as well in an arson attack waged by Israeli settlers at Za’tara military checkpoint.

This new assault is added to systematic daily attacks on villages located near settlements in the West Bank during which Israeli settlers escorted by troops sabotage property and physically abuse Palestinian citizens.PIC

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