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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Senior Bureaucrat’s snake charming hobby becomes nightmare for NIH residents

ISLAMABAD, Mar 11 : A senior officer of the Ministry of Health has forcibly occupied a residence in the National Institute of Health (NIH) and has turned it into a snake farm to pursue his strange hobby of collecting different varieties of snakes to raise them as pets.

What is a hobby for this Additional Secretary has become a nightmare for hundreds of families and their children living in the NIH in Chak Shahzad, in the suburb of Islamabad.

A source at NIH confirmed to INP that the Additional Secretary got possession of H. No. D-1 in the colony meant exclusively for the NIH employees, whereas, he is entitled to official accommodation from the Estate Office pool for government officers.

Once in occupation of the house, he had house fenced at NIH cost and let loose a large number of snakes. He also brought hundreds of rats which is the staple food for his snakes.

Reportedly he has also had a few snake charmers, who live in the same house. The residents scared of their lives when some snakes, which also included Cobra, sneaked out of the fenced area into neighbourhood and were spotted by the children playing in the colony and ran for their lives.

Residents told INP that their complaints to the Executive Director NIH have fallen on deaf ears as he finds himself helpless before the powerful Additional Secretary.

The residents have appealed to the Prime Minister to save the lives of their children from the poisonous snakes being kept by the senior bureaucrat.

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