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Monday, March 15, 2010

After Mangla, water level in Tarbela drops to dead level

ISLAMABAD, Mar 15: Water level at Tarbela Dam has been dropped to a dead level posing a severe threat of water shortage for the coming Kharif season, official sources said.
Official data released on Monday said the inflow of water to Tarbela 21400 cusecs while the outflow is 30100 cusecs, almost 9000 cusecs less than the inflow.
The water level in Mangla Dam, the second largest water reservoir of the country, has already dropped to dead level.
“The water level in Tarbela Dam has reached to the dead level of 1,369 feet,” official sources said the water level in Mangla Dam remained at the dead level of 1,040 feet.
According to water experts, the decrease in water levels in both the reservoirs would negatively affect the power generation capacity of the dams as well as the per-acre agricultural yield during the upcoming Kharif season.

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