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Saturday, March 13, 2010

About 100 suspects arrested in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI, Mar 13: Police in Rawalpindi apprehended about 100 suspected people during a search operation in Pir Wadhai Police station jurisdiction and the adjacent areas on Saturday.
The police launched the operation against suspected people fearing that there could be suicide and bomb blasts in the city after series of deadly attacks in Lahore on Friday.
According to SSP Operations Yasin Farooq, the Rawalpindi police conducted search operation in Pir Wadhai, Fauji Colony and the adjacent areas.
Elite Force and Lady Police also were the part of the operation. Afghan nationals were also among the arrested people.
Large number of Afghans are settled in Fauji Colony, Bangash colony and Khayban-e-Sir Syed localities as well as in the Katchi Abadi near the fruit and vegetable market in I-10 sector of Islamabad.
There is no check on illegal Afghans staying in these areas as they come to the city’s bus terminal at Pir Wadahi and freely move to any area of not only these residential localities but in other parts of the city.
People who witnessed the search operation were of the opinion that such half hearted attempts would not succeed to clear the city from criminals and possible suicide bombers.
They called for a full fledged operation in the city and its suburbs which are inhabited by illegal Afghan refugees, to clear them from dens of narcotics and arms as well as foreign nationals.

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