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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3,000 kgs explosives, suicide jackets, machine guns seized in Lahore

LAHORE, Mar 16: Punjab police have recovered 3,000 kilograms of explosives, suicide jackets and ammunition from a shop in Wahdat Colony here on Tuesday.
Police said the seizure of the explosives and ammo, on the basis of intelligence reports, it raided a shop in Hatti Chowk, Wahdat Colony and recovered 3,000 kilograms of explosives, four machine guns, suicide jackets and thousands of rounds.
SSP Whadat Colony Chaudary Zulfaqar Ahmad told media that for the first time such a huge quantity of explosives have been recovered during police raid.
When asked, if he considers presence of such a huge cache of arms and explosives in the city a failure of police and intelligence agencies, the official avoided to answer and said: “We are fighting a war against the terrorism.”
He however said police have to redouble its efforts to keep a strong check on the movement of such materials.
“We need to regularize the manufacturing of explosives,” The SSP said the material seized in Lahore raids was transported into the city when the security was not tightened to a present level.
Bomb Disposable Squad also arrived at the scene and disposed off the triggers attached to the explosives and the suicide jackets.
Police confirmed the arrest of a man identified as Sheikh Javed, the owner of shop, where the explosives were stored and shifted him to an unknown location for investigation.
Police hoped for startling revelations from the detainee.

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